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Management in the healthcare and social sector requires entrepreneurial, market-related and economic-oriented thinking and acting.

In this respect, responsible decision-making today is more essential than ever before: responsibility for people and their development, for patients and clients, for processes and tasks and for the future. Because responsibility does not stop at the borders of one’s own organisation.

Our master study programme prepares you for social challenges and gives you the instruments to redefine your own professional aims.



The  program "Project and Studies" offers the completion of the master study program in combination with a position working on a project.

More information:

  • Work-based study form: with a master degree, you qualify for leadership and development tasks.
  • New competences: you acquire sound knowledge in organisational supervision and economic know-how.
  • Take over responsibility in management: value orientation and personality development are at the core of the study programme.
  • Design the future: we teach you skills for professional development and concepts for the future of your organisation.
  • New professional perspectives: the master degree helps you to redefine your professional aims.

You already have work experience, a higher education degree, and you plan to take over leadership and development tasks.

Aspects of different disciplines are combined. In each semester, students prepare interdisciplinary projects.

Your personal learning process will be supported by continuous professional coaching, starting with an assessment to find out your potential.

Process competence
The learning and development process of the student group is supported and reflected on regularly in order to optimally unfold learning potentials and make use of them. You will learn to guide group processes by way of example. 

High relevance for practice
You will plan, organise and implement projects which pick up concrete issues from practice and which can be carried out in cooperation with clients from organisations belonging to the healthcare and social sector. You will develop solutions or generate innovative ideas for practice.

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