University internal quality management (HIQ)

Quality management can be understood as a management system that deals with structures, processes and procedures by which an organization ensures that it accomplishes all tasks necessary to achieve its goals. Through a continuous dialogue and improvement process (KDVP), the University's internal quality management (HiQ) aims to systematically develop and ensure quality in University development, teaching and learning, research and continuing education, and consulting and services.

At the operational level, there are roughly four work areas performed by the internal quality management team and these areas are interrelated in different ways: 

  • University development and strategic consulting
  • Quality of studies and course development
  • Course and module evaluation
  • Peer advising, peer mentoring and student projects

Additionally, a clearing function is associated with internal quality management in the context of risk management. This enables identification, analysis and coordination of the processing of improvement potentials.

To make improvements at our University that are in line with student and employee needs and wishes, we have an integrated system for managing ideas and suggestions. This participative tool enables every member of the University to actively contribute to its day-to-day running. You can submit ideas and suggestions for improvement anonymously via ILIAS or the internal ticket system. We use such submissions to continuously improve learning, working and cooperation at the CUF. The HIQ team centrally collects all submitted ideas and suggestions for improvement. The team then documents everything and forwards the ideas/suggestions on to the responsible University office/person.
Send your feedback to us at: or via ILIAS (after logging in via the button “Ideen/Vorschläge”/"Ideas/Suggestions”).

Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Dr. Samuel Scherer

Representative for Quality Management

Sophia Rösch

Specialist for Quality Management

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