European Foundation for quality management (EFQM) 

In order to systematically improve services and offerings while ensuring the highest level of dialogue and multi-perspectivity, we structure the University's internal quality management according to the internationally recognized model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). With the EFQM Model 2020, we implemented a quality management system at our University that pursues a targeted and continuous optimization of the quality of study, teaching, research and continuing education, and of our central service and consulting facilities.

!Central to the rationale of the EFQM Model, the 'red thread', is the connection between the Purpose and Strategy of an organisation and how that is used to help it Create Sustainable Value for its most important Stakeholders and deliver outstanding Results." (European Foundation for Quality Management (2019): The EFQM Model. Brussels. EFQM, P. 9).

The EFQM Model 2020 is integrated into structures, processes and procedures at the KH Freiburg and is used to continuously improve the University's performance and manage change. The overarching purpose of the EFQM Model 2020 for the University is, in particular to: enable a holistic view of the KH Freiburg (i.e., the University as a complex organization); contribute to the inspiration for users at the University; and be used in a knowledge-generating way (e.g., in the context of the Commission Strategy).

Since 2010, the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg has been a member of the EFQM and is thus committed to applying the internationally recognized quality criteria of the European Foundation for Quality Management. This includes the commitment to participation and transparency in the development of concrete improvement measures.

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Representative for Quality Management
Dr. Samuel Scherer