Living on Campus II

Since January 2020, the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg has been operating the former Margarete Ruckmich Haus at Charlottenburger Str. 18 as Campus II with an attached student residence hall (MRH). In keeping with our University mission statement, we want to contribute to promoting responsible coexistence at the MRH, too. After all, our society’s future viability will be significantly determined by the responsible coexistence of all people, in all their diversity, with different life plans and in diverse life situations. The day-to-day life experiences at the residence hall support the expanding of social competence. When people from different cultures, nations and religions share living spaces, it can help reduce prejudices even as residents practice and experience active tolerance and world-openness.

Residence hall and rooms 

The rooms are about 12 square meters in size and furnished with a single bed (including mattress and mattress protector), closet with safe, desk and chair, trash can, sufficient shelves, sink and Internet connection. Please bring your own pillow, blanket(s)/duvet, bed linen, towels and dish towels. 
At the residence hall, living groups of 8-12 people share a living room, showers and toilets, and kitchens with basic equipment located on each floor. For exchange students at the KH Freiburg, we provide pillows, blankets, sheets and towels. 


The rent for new tenants is 330 € from the summer semester 2023, including all utilities. The maximum rental period is usually four semesters in order to achieve a lively exchange of students across different semesters and study programs. Sublet-ting during an internship semester is possible and extends the maximum rental period by one semester.

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Eingang zum MRH-Wohnheim KH Freiburg

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Exchange students

Every year, the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg welcomes exchange students from all over the world. Here is information on how to find your way to the KH Freiburg as an exchange student.

Exchange students
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