The European Film Festival for the Generations

Forschungsprojekt Europäisches Filmfestival der Generationen am IAF der KH Freiburg

The European Film Festival for the Generations is a nationwide series of events held by the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg annually in October and November. The festival presents current films to the public and deals with the topics of age, demographic change, as well as future issues connected with social cohesion, climate change, migration, and inclusion. Moderated film discussions are intended to promote dialogue between citizens, generations and cultures.

In order to emphasise the aspect of co-responsibility, social participation and commitment, new ways of distribution are also associated with the film festival. The film events are usually shown at a low threshold, are free of charge, and are located in neighbourhoods, in community centres and town halls, in multi-generation houses, in schools and in senior citizens' and youth centres, in old people's homes, as well as in city libraries, hospitals, care centres and/or cinemas. Despite the pandemic, more than 250 events were held in over 100 cities and municipalities throughout Germany in 2021. 

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