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Ears, Eyes and Mind: The SENSE-Cog project to improve mental well-being for elderly Europeans


Mental, cognitive, vision and hearing health issues in elderly people are amongst the top 10 public health challenges in Europe. They frequently occur co-concurrently and have an additive negative effect on quality of life and mental well-being. Therefore, the European funded project SENSE-Cog will promote earlier detection of sensory, cognitive and mental impairments to enable swift interventions and prevent deterioration.

Coordinated by Dr Iracema Leroi and Dr Piers Dawes, both at the University at Manchester, SENSE-Cog started on 1 January 2016 and is funded with 6m Euro by the EC’s H2020 programme.

Our head of project: Professor Ines Himmeslbach

>> Our part in the project (German page)


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