Applied ethics in healthcare and social work

Study programme profile

In consideration of the complexity of the issues, multidimensional reflection models and methods are essential to look beyond the individual client and work relationships at leadership and organisational aspects as well as at the social and political dimension.  With this, the study programme contributes to the culture of ethical decision making in organisations. 

Aspects from various disciplines form part of the studies. Exchange in study groups enables the students to analyse, argue and communicate not only on an interdisciplinary, but also interprofessional scale. 

Integrative competence 
Complex issues in healthcare and social work can rather be addressed professionally when the expert knows the work field from practical experience. The first profession imparts the relevant field competence and establishes the references necessary in order to communicate and act in an interconnected way. Studying Ethics enables students to understand and treat upcoming questions and problems as ethical issues. 
The approach of this study programme is, especially, to establish a theological-ethical orientation in the action fields of health and social care against a background of Christian values. 

Thematic emphasis is put on

  • ethics in social work
  • ethics in healthcare
  • ethics in leadership and management

As a graduate of this study programme, you will be able to

  • identify ethical issues, reflect on them scientifically and reason your own point of view 
  • initiate, create, and evaluate ethical reflection processes
  • develop ethically founded interventions
  • deduce religious and cultural values
  • offer counselling and support in case of ethical conflicts
  • Guide ethical reflection, teach ethics
  • represent ethical points of view in social discourses

 We offer you

  • a qualified advanced study programme which includes an intensive transfer of theory and practice
  • a module-based study programme organised so as to all allow for studying on the job
  • a study programme which is accredited and state-recognised
  • a study programme which, in individual cases, allows for studies over a longer period of time

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